by Toyzanne

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Sometimes you're out walking
and you pass by a building
you remember you'd been in
that somebody lived in
but now they're long gone
(maybe not even so long);
regardless, it's no long-
no longer important
that you'd seen that apartment-
just a bland bit of trivia,
knowing who used to live here.
It's on just such occasions,
when occurs information
of a worthless persuasion
that my doubts find expression
and my thoughts start to question:

How much of my mind is made up of maps?

And while on the subject
of data I'd reject,
I think of how rarely,
how rarely I go down
to visit my hometown,
twice a year just to slow down,
though I still can remember
that the medical center
is across from the paper
and the family-owned druggist
is near the family-owned baker,
but this knowledge is dormant.
To know, or to know not?
Since I don't need a doughnut
from a place I don't live now.
If i DID need a doughnut
from that spot inn my hometown,
I could download the low-down
to my cellular phone now.
She'd say where to go now,
and I won't need to wander,
and I honestly wonder
what kind of person would want to?
So again do I ponder:

How much of my mind is made up of maps?

Now, these maps at their essence
have become obsolescent
and would that they weren't
or, rather, not even present;
mind-map memos replaced
with empty space to be rented
like the rest of my being
like anonymous buildings
I remember I'd been in
that somebody lived in.

Excuse me-can you direct me?


released April 17, 2017
Recorded, Mixed + Mastered by Frank Rathbone



all rights reserved


Toyzanne New York

Aiko Masubuchi
Josef Wakeman
Thomas Miller
Sarah Peterson
Brendan Winick


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